20th Annual Gathering of Vibes

by Good Sign on July 30, 2015


By Kevin Alan Lamb

So you’re telling me you can found a music festival on peace and love and people will like it? You’re telling me that the perfect concoction of good humans, hard work, and music with a message could become a mainstay in society and help the world be a little better place? Whoa, perhaps people need to stop watching  the News.

As much as I enjoy and appreciate organic food, organic interactions that may just save someone’s life are more in my price range. It’s hard to recall when the line was crossed, but I’m happy there came a time when I knew on the most innate level, that I was given the blessing of life to help navigate the storms each and everyone of us grows accustomed to taking on water while submerged within.

We are given gifts for a reason and given reason to give. Despite the richness of life intertwined within each and every one of our perception’s of community, it is music that reminds us that we have lost ourselves in the hedonistic pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. The only true community is one of the world.

Music connects us in the head and the heart; forged into the essence of our being that uses smoke and mirrors to ensure we endure at least one more day. Because no matter the deception, every breath inhaled buys enough time for a life to take inventory of the value in decency and goodness offered to someone who needs it; even when it’s overlooked by others.

In its 20th year, Gathering of the Vibes is an annual music, arts and camping festival. One month ago I had never heard of it; but my sister lives nearby in Fairfield, CT., and encouraged me to add the festival to my already absurd and stupendous docket. I believe that things happen for a reason; it’s not always clear, favorable, or sanity inducing, but given the necessary time and space a more succinct plan is revealed.

Senor PMT and I traveled through the night after a short week because our intuition and imagination ensured us that this is precisely where we need to be. Even if you love what you do, who you do it with, and the potential around the corner, sometimes, we all just need to saddle up and ride. With an expected 4:45 a.m. arrival in Fairfield, our brows raised at the potential of driving 10 hours through the night and arrive at the beach. With our minds made we pursued our passion and captured a sunrise that we will never forget.


With the help of our new friends at Sound & Silence Magazine, we were able to secure interviews with Nattali Rize, Moon Hooch, Ryan Montbleau, Relative Souls, and likely Trevor Hall on our drive east.

In just a few hours we will continue our journey and venture to Seaside Park for our first crack at The Gathering of Vibes. We are storytellers in a world made apathetic through cliff notes. Momentum is a real and tangible force on which we have a firm grip. We could have arrived by 4:45 am, but chose the obvious route of catching a sunrise on the Long Island Sound from Penfield beach.


Life is what you make of it. I enjoy the company of my sister Lauren this morning while preparing to do a whale of a cannonball into my first Vibes. We will come in hot and few will know what hit them… but they will be grateful for the collision.

Check out this weekend’s schedule:


Here are some of the acts we are most stoked to see:

Greensky Bluegrass

Ben Harper

Ryan Montbleau

String Cheese

Tea Leaf Green

Jackie Greene

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Moon Hooch

Trevor Hall


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