About Us:

Help us give people a visual affirmation and reminder to be happy and hopeful!

The world could use more Good Signs, wouldn’t you AGREE? Since 2010 we have been inspiring the world to be a happier and more friendly place, one Good Sign at a time. Thousands of people around this planet carry, wear and share Good Signs, giving people the opportunity to be optimists, to believe things are getting better, and to find a productive response to struggle.

Our common message of hope is simple enough, clever enough, and needed enough to make a dramatic difference on the health and happiness of the masses. In addition to healing hurting hearts and minds, it is our effort to lead by example and give individuals faith that their goodness and vulnerability will not be taken advantage of, but paid forward! We will tell the story of a protagonist in the form of individuals and organizations that live inspired, with ethics, and contribute to a better tomorrow! This will be realized in the form of the Good Sign Awards, and This Is A Good Scene, a quarterly magazine and television show.

Our message of hope is a beacon of light and love for those lost in the darkness. We will have a presence in schools working with youth using positive psychology and philosophy helping steer students towards their passion at a young age and connect with volunteer organizations that help steer students towards fulfilling their benevolent duty as citizens.  This will be a healthy and free social outlet for our youth that enables them to discover the value of contributing to the lives we are blessed enough to leave our fingerprints on.

Our clothing line will soon be released by The Original Retro Brand. Our co-branded notebooks and folders are sold at over 30 university bookstores in the U.S., with Roaring Springs Paper Products. We have partnered with Foothills Fest, a free one-day music festival in Marshall, MO, who we are helping raise $10K on IndiGogo to make this FREE and spectacular second-year event happen and restore the amphitheater in Marshall. Additionally, we are working with the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation, who are “saving lives, one concert at a time” through their GET ON THE LIST CAMPAIGN for registering marrow donors.

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Company Overview:

Eric Dennis founded Good Signs in early 2010. What started out as a desire to bring communities together turned into a bigger aspiration, to help the community in a time of need.

In the process of forming Good Signs, we realized something: we all share the same struggle to find positivity and contentment in our lives.

These things are in the eye of the beholder, anyone can find them if they keep their eyes and hearts open for them. This is where Good Signs come in, a visual and reminder of the things that make us happy and hopeful.

Whether it is a physical object, achievement, event, religious or spiritual entity, Good Signs are not bias. The idea is to place a sticker on anything that invokes those warm and fuzzy feelings and share it with the world. One Good Sign may inspire another.

With the use of guerrilla marketing, merchandising and social media, we wish to spread Good Signs throughout the globe. So send us your Good Signs, and help us spread optimism and harmony.

~The message is spreading Good Signs World-Wide. Within four years, Good Signs can be seen in over 60 countries world-wide and growing.


wherever it goes;

MEANING many things to MANY PEOPLE.”


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