About Us:

We are making people feel better and having TONS of fun while doing so!


The world could use more Good Signs, wouldn’t you AGREE?

Good Signs are a happiness device, inspiring the world to be a happier and more friendly place (with the help of those who carry, wear, display, and believe in them). They empower the individual and the masses by starting productive conversations in your local community, school,  airports, charitable events, and world travels with positive, open-minded and passionate people!

We offer a common Good Sign of hope for the people of all nations to embrace, empower, and embody in pursuit of a better way! We challenge you to build awareness by shedding light on individuals, organizations, or simple ascetic truths and beauties that are Good Signs in your community!

By carrying. wearing, or sharing a Good Sign, an individual immediately proclaims to the world, that he or she is a positive, open-minded person, looking to help more than hurt.

People that carry a Good Sign quickly learn that it carries them. It draws positive energy in the form of laughter, smiles, high fives, hugs, pictures and meaningful relationships.

Company Overview:

Eric Dennis founded Good Signs in early 2010. What started out as a desire to bring communities together turned into a bigger aspiration, to help the community in a time of need.

In the process of forming Good Signs, we realized something: we all share the same struggle to find positivity and contentment in our lives.

These things are in the eye of the beholder, anyone can find them if they keep their eyes and hearts open for them. This is where Good Signs come in, a visual and reminder of the things that make us happy and hopeful.

Whether it is a physical object, achievement, event, religious or spiritual entity, Good Signs are not bias. The idea is to place a sticker on anything that invokes those warm and fuzzy feelings and share it with the world. One Good Sign may inspire another.

With the use of guerrilla marketing, merchandising and social media, we wish to spread Good Signs throughout the globe. So send us your Good Signs, and help us spread optimism and harmony.

~The message is spreading Good Signs World-Wide. Within two years, Good Signs can be seen in over 60 countries world-wide and growing.


wherever it goes;

MEANING many things to MANY PEOPLE.”


People Love our Logo—Just Show

Someone our Sign & See for Yourself!!

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