Believe it to be

by Good Sign on May 10, 2012


By Kevin Alan Lamb (@ShaggyLamb)

The good has not dissipated from the face of the earth

We are out there, in far greater numbers than the common perception would have you perceive

Love and laughter are a power source that overwhelmingly outweigh pain and suffering

Truth may be relative but goodness is not, hope is not, help is not

Help is here

It will not happen over-night but we are building an army of care

It will not be easy but little that matters is

We are in this fight for life

We are here for those who need a helping hand

For those who have lost their voice in the shouting matching of struggle

I will bleed for the things I believe in

I will shed tears to the ground because they connect me to all those who have walked upon it

If dreams do not fuel your soul, let kindness and likeness impose your will upon your species, and witness a protagonist rise and begin a new chapter in the story of man

Let community be common in our hearts, minds, and every day actions.

Let wealth be a measurement of the richness of one’s soul and giving nature

Let freedom not be a burden but opportunity to help the helpless

When will we believe in ourselves enough to believe in one another?

When will we stand by our choices in good times and bad, knowing in our hearts we made them with the best possible intentions?

I believe the time alluded to is near

I believe in love as an elixir to fear

I believe joy is pure on the edge of a tear

I believe in the spirit of a people united by its unique strengths, not divided by its similar weaknesses

I believe in these things, now how do I get you to?

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