Bill Clinton stands for change

by Sam Hofer on March 8, 2015

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By Sam Hofer

Born in Hope, Arkansas in 1946, William Clinton was destined for greatness at a young age. After marrying Hilary Rodham, he was elected Attorney General of the state he called home in 1976. Two years later he become Governor of Arkansas, the youngest the United States had seen since 1938. And of course in 1992, he was elected President of the United States of America.

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Even with all his accomplishments as President, it’s the work he’s doing now that reveal Bill Clinton’s efforts as a Good Sign. He started the William J. Clinton Foundation which puts on many hats in the global aid initiative. Within the organization are many smaller initiatives that work on different causes with resources being funneled to them through the foundation.

The Clinton Global Initiative works around the world to raise awareness and bring aid to people living in poverty, unsafe or unhealthy conditions and helps resolve problems with religious or cultural conflict. The Clinton HIV and AIDS Initiative does everything in its power to raise awareness and boost the efforts of research into the disease that is affecting millions. The Clinton Climate Change Initiative is working tirelessly to raise money to support the introduction of green-energy technology and help spread the availability of energy saving appliances.

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Not only does the former President use his fame and name-recognition to bring about change in the world. He also uses his public speaking prowess and ability to captivate an audience to speak in front of thousands of people about different subjects in hundreds of summits a year. He can sway the opinions of the thing that is most important to change in the world, the people who can enact it.

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