Blessed to be Born, A Call to Action

by Good Sign on April 17, 2012

By Eric Hampton

Tired and worn, weary-hearted and torn

Blessed to be born, world be forewarned:

“I’m comin’ for ya in the mornin’”

Unrest, at its best

Focus like the will of a wand, casting “hocus pocus”

Not spells, but dreams realized that I demand a dose of

Life flows through my veins, while logic sword fights with love and its pain

Early to rise, last to close his eyes: well into a chase that will persist until he dies

Better with inspiration, better with a will, certain with a way

“Condemn him with your worst, world, I promise he’ll go at least one more day”

Your heartbeat lies in his eyes

Your joy uplifts the instant he begins to cry

It is for his pleasure that he seeks the world and its wonder

It is for his soul that he teaches himself how to grow from even the most painful blunder

Without you, he is a man without a mission

Without vision, a man on a mission is a fool without a line fishin’

Together through strength and weakness they possess life and all of its eternity

Together through pain and triumph they asses the lives that neglect what it means to be the best

And in their inadequacies purpose-filled-desire is acquired and should be paid-forward, rather than admired

Admiration is for the helpless

Won’t you stand up and help us?

Won’t you join in the only battle that is worth the lives of our sons and our daughters, brothers and sisters?

You are the common denominator in a riddle that plagues the potential of man as a co-existing and brilliantly unique species

You are the stand that fights not for land or resources, but for happiness and a quality of life that has been eluded to in books, yet absent in reality, for it has been taken by crooks

We depend on each other to believe, that this a fight

We defend one another only when we believe, this is a fight-worth-fighting

This is a call to action: get busy dying, or join the resistance that is uniting.

By Kevin Alan Lamb


Shaggy Lamb Productionswhere words are our way    

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