Detroit-based creatives are invited to apply for Jägermeister’s Concept56 campaign until January 30th. Originally launched in Amsterdam, Concept56 is coming to America for the first time and has selected Detroit as its first stop.

Concept56 puts together a team of 5 talented creatives, aged 21 and up, to go through a process of 6 months during which they design and produce the event of a lifetime. Once hired, the team will operate out of a pop-up office and receive a salary and full-time coaching from local professionals. They will also participate in weekly inspiration sessions lead by influential members of the community.

Since early December Andrey Douthard, of Paramita Sound, and local tastemaker Julian
Spradlin have been scouting the city for qualified applicants across Detroit’s many
communities. Concept56 is also working with a small select number of home-grown
photographers throughout the campaign including Detroit-based photographer Justin

“We’re looking for talented and creative individuals,” says Julian. “Most importantly we’re
looking for those who will represent an authentic side of Detroit whether they have
experience in an agency setting or not. ”

Structured like a traineeship, Concept 56 participants will gain a hands-on experience by
truly immersing themselves into the ins and outs of the creative industry. The positions
available include: project manager, copywriter, graphic designer, marketer and event
manager. Applicants must be able to commit to at least three days per week beginning in
February to fully partake in the realization of the event.

To be considered an application form must be submitted by January 30. Before announcing
the team, hopefuls will be invited to interview and make a case for why they’d be the right
person to participate in this unique opportunity. The selection process is highly competitive, only five of Detroit’s top talents will be selected.

Visit or follow us on Instagram @concept56_detroit and Twitter
@Concept56_DET for more information.

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Message from Good Sign founder Eric Dennis

by Good Sign on January 18, 2016

10849944_794198912555_3977575090857666790_nMy name is Eric Dennis and I started the Good Sign movement in 2010. My original intention was to create an icon that would serve as a positive reminder, inspire social interaction and give people a reason to be more thankful in any situation.

We are now taking that same message to the masses by marketing the Good Sign brand on consumer goods. This is a very important step because it allows us to become sustainable and to spread our signs quickly in a world that sorely needs them.

Watch for new products like these Good Sign coolers coming soon to all Bed Bath and Beyond stores across the country in March 2016! Perfect for camping, music festivals or a trip to the beach. Now you can keep your beverages chilled in style and help perpetuate our message of hope and gratitude at the same time! 4405132b-2008-4e40-a8fa-5c7b9adc54c0_400

Thank you very much for carrying and sharing our positive message over the years. Please continue to support our movement by sharing this post and visit our Facebook page This is a Good Sign regularly for updates and new product releases.

*Cooler product shown for example only. Actual product may vary.


Passing the Torch

October 25, 2015

photo: Marty All Over Michigan By Jack Hunger Whether it be a passing a torch or throwing down a gauntlet, we all experience those moments in life where a challenge to step up to the responsibility for an experience is passed from someone who has been there, to someone who is going there. I can […]

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Possessed By Paul James (Interview)

September 22, 2015

Photos by George L. Blosser By Kevin Alan Lamb No matter the certainty of struggle that accompanies human flesh, stars will always shine through even the darkest of nights. Their luminescence is present without detection; like the goodness in your veins it prevails without recognition; like the righteousness in your soul it endures independent of […]

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Dally In The Alley, Detroit

September 16, 2015

By Kevin Alan Lamb Leaders must offer their people a helping hand, before community is practiced in any land. Strength comes from offering it to another. It must be given to be received – no different than love. The ordinary become extraordinary by sharing and showering others with their gifts. This process provides an opportunity, […]

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Summerdance, Nelson Ledges

September 14, 2015

By Kevin Alan Lamb Music is my moral muse. It has been a rare constant in an inconsistent world. Life is hard; laced with struggle, dissonance, and doubt; but it is also precious, fleeting, and necessitates the prophetic paradigm provided by the love, dedication, and permission to believe everything is going to be alright. We […]

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Nahko and Medicine For the People (Interview)

September 11, 2015

By Kevin Alan Lamb The time has come for the people of this planet to wake up, look inside themselves, and discover the chemistry capable of igniting a spark in the hearts of those sleeping while this earth and its inhabitants suffer. Born benevolent beings, hearts are hardened while dreams deferred due to the perpetuated […]

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Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers (Interview)

August 27, 2015

By Kevin Alan Lamb The pulsating heart of Michigan resides within its forests, freshwater, and free-spirited music-makers who instill in us a sense of home, no matter the distances the road takes us. From the Poconos Mountains I gaze into another forest which has gifted me a great sense of solitude, as I marinade in […]

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