Crush 2015, DJ Sonik

by Good Sign on March 3, 2015


By DJ Sonik

Crush 2015 out here in Arizona was amazing. Insomniac, well known for throwing the Electric Daisy Carnivals, partnered up with Relentless Beats to throw an epic Valentines Day festival for us. With Dada Life, Bro Safari, Tritonal, Slander, Party Favor, and Kayzo as the line up we all knew we were in for a treat!

I brought my Good Sign with me to make some smiles and help my friends find me in the crowds, but I had no idea I would have the reaction I did. Throughout the night I had at least 30 people take pictures with the sign and I. So many compliments on it and so many people left with smiles after reading it including MC Sharpness (Bro Safari’s tour hype man) who pointed me out and gave the sign a thumbs up!


Two girls approached me during the middle of the night and told me how this was their first rave and they were kind of nervous but when they saw the sign they knew they were at the right place. Having so much positivity and happiness spread through a simple task of waving around the “This Is A Good Sign” sign made my night 100 times better, I started DJ’ing back in 2011 with the intent to make people dance and make people happy.

I know after this event I will not forget to bring it to any event I go to and or perform at! Peace Love Unity Respect!

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U2 can change the world

by Sam Hofer on February 27, 2015


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By Sam Hofer

Formed in 1976, Irish rock band U2 is one of the most monumental groups of the 20th and 21st century. The band quickly found international success creating hit-after-hit in the 1980’s and 90’s, selling over 150 million records worldwide. In 2005, they were elected to the Rock and Rolled Hall of Fame. All of these accomplishments, wrapped up in 22 Grammy Awards; more than any other band in history. All of this compares little to the work they have done for the planet.

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It began in 1986, when front man, Bono, traveled to Ethiopia with World Vision where he and his wife, Ali, founded an educational program based on one-act-plays with songs and dances to help convey the importance of hygiene, health, safety and many other issues. After this exposure, Bono was hooked on the idea of using his amazing talents and worldwide fame to bring light onto many places in the world where it is needed the most. Since then he has travelled to many other areas in the world such as Nicaragua and El Salvador, bringing relief and sustainably ways to live and prosper.

(Stevie’s a Wonder)

U2 has recorded many covers of songs for compilation CD’s for causes like Amnesty International and the Red Hot and Blue AIDS charity album. In 2009, they donated all the funds from their Coke Park concert series; totaling to $5 million to Music Generation.

The band’s benevolence hasn’t stopped there: Over the course of their career they have donated to 22 charities supporting 22 causes and are currently involved in supporting Live 8, Make Poverty History and Bono’s DATA Campaign.

Sometimes it might seem hard to see Good Signs in life, but sometimes they are easier heard than seen.

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