Our Trademarked Good Sign marketing system

Will help YOU get more customers

Giving YOUR Business the competitive advantage!


  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • Create more opportunities for referrals and up-sells
  • Convert Customers into Brand Advocates!
  • Boost organic social media engagement and content-generation for your brand
  • Getting your brand Directly onto more of your customers personal NewsFeeds on their favorite social media platforms
  • Promote for Charity Fundrasing and Relief Efforts
  • Event Promotion
  • Artist Promotions
  • Book Launches
  • App Launches
  • Direct to Consumer delivery goods (like the popular Meal-in-a-box delivery companies)
  • Brand ambassador activations, street teams and event partnerships

Here is a 1 minute video that explains how it works.

It’s also more efficient and Eco-friendly than traditional marketing materials and coupons that predominantly get tossed in the trash.

Because..  It is proven that people keep our Good Signs and share them.


Bonus: Good Signs just make people feel happier. That’s why they share them.

Team Good Sign has been witnessing this for over 10 years now. 

The timing is perfect for a Good Sign right now. People need it more than ever!

Our Good Sign graphic is so popular that it transforms even an ordinary promotional flyer into a FREE GIFT THAT BECOMES THE LIFE OF THE PARTY!

Good Signs make promoting your business

A more joyful and FUN experience for your

New Customers/Brand Advocates!

Call/Text me: Eric Dennis at 904-373-4080 or email eric@thisisagoodsign to set up your FREE Qualifying assessment to see if you can benefit from a Good Sign.

Our product is very simple, effective and totally unique. Nothing else works quite like it!

This promotion can be applied to almost any Qualifying promotion.

It will however be limited to the first few brands or events per category to utilize in the market.

So Act Fast! 

We will custom tailor a promotion to your business marketing plan even YOUR BRANDS design colors etc. for maximum results.

Most would agree that the world could use more Good Signs.  Especially right now!


Once live events resume, this variation of previous video will also be applicable and gives you a new method to reach new customers organically