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by Good Sign on April 16, 2015

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By Jenne Weaver & Josh Flow

Festival SEASON is in full swing and that gives these two happy hippies the chance to spread our love to the masses on foot, bringing GOOD SIGN vibes to fruition! This year to start it all off, we began our festival journey 2015 at BUKU Music & Arts Project in New Orleans, Louisiana and let us tell you…it did NOT disappoint!!

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We were gifted our tickets through an incredible friend who felt we would benefit from the experience and if you ever have the chance to gift a ticket to a festival to anyone..do it! The feels that follow will fill your heart to the brim πŸ™‚ So since we were gifted a ticket, we decided to do the same for our good friend who has made it possible for us to attend BOTH TomorrowWorld festivals thus far…it only seemed logical that he would be the one to join us!

With six wide-eyed happy souls for our crew, we embarked upon New Orleans where my love Joshua has never been as an adult so it was really neat to show him all of the places I have been in the past. The city is so full of life and down in the French Quarter, it’s a whole other world with all kinds of kinds that make it such a magical place. As we left our hotel off St. Charles and headed down to the port, you could easily see that many other like-minded souls had found themselves here for an incredible experience.

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We met so many great people on our walk to Mardi Gras World where BUKU is hosted and the vibe was getting stronger as we got closer. babe (1)We had no idea how awesome the setup would be; one of the stages was inside of the FLOAT DEN where they house all of the parade floats for Mardi Gras, another stage was inside a HUGE ballroom with an upper balcony for a great view of the crowd and then of course the Power Plant Stage was the main event as you walk in!

People of all walks of life, old and young, fest newbies and veterans were all coming together to celebrate the power of MUSICTHIS IS A GOOD SIGN! And what powerful music it really was as we were able to check out: Robert DeLong, STS9, Run The Jewels, RL Grime, Empire of the Sun, Flosstradamus and Gramatik….and that was just the first night! Joshua & our good buddies Ethan & Colton went to the after party to check out Griz…best show EVER! They had the New Orleans Brass Band up there with background singers and everything backing the incredible Griz, a show that I missed and am still kicking myself for passing out in the hotel before the boys left and headed that way!!

Day Two was just as amazing as the first, as we went out in search of great food..not hard to do in NOLA so we hit up a great spot in the quarter where we chowed down on Crawfish Etoufee, Oyster PoBoys and Gator Bites! It was just what we needed to refuel and head back to the festival where our day started with getting our minds blown to the next state over as we watched Zella Day command the stage in the ballroom, guiding us along her journey of music with her soulful tones and Stevie Nicks like moves upon the stage. This began our love affair with an incredible artist and she has inspired me to write new music after a long writer’s block! This is what we love about festivals: finding new artists we haven’t heard of and having them move us in ways we never knew were possible…THIS IS A GOOD SIGN!

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The shenanigans that ensued after were nothing short of perfection as we weaved in and out of crowds, stumbling upon acro-yoga routines and hoopers putting on beautiful displays of art as well as the street dancers throughout the festival ready to break it down at any moment πŸ™‚ You could feel the energy mounting as TV on the Radio, Odesza, DJ Windows 98 and Passion Pit aaaannnnd BASSNECTAR killed it throughout their sets and it was only getting better as the night went on. Josh has been to 16 BassNectar shows and this was my 3rd…my goodness…that man was put on this earth to make music and spread his good vibes…THIS IS A GOOD SIGN!

You could see the whole crowd drop as the bass did the same and the goosies on our arms told us we were exactly where we supposed to be πŸ™‚ We were able to check out Borgore, Porter Robinson and a little bit of G-Eazy’s set too which culminated into an absolutely incredible festival.

Everywhere we went with our Good Sign, a smiling face would say “Yes it is!” or “How do I get one?” or “Hey, were you at Bonnaroo, Coachella, CounterPoint, TomorrowWorld, Purple Hatter’s Ball, Hulaween, Electric Forest, Wakarusa or Cannabis Cup?” THAT is probably our favorite thing about our GOOD SIGN is the enthusiasm that comes from those who recognize it and feel connected to it!

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We are all connected and music is the glue for so much of that connectivity: it inspires us, drives us, keeps us motivated and gives us that sense of happiness…like hearing your favorite song out of nowhere and all the feels that occur, singing along with every word! Another festival on our journey and we are excited to see what the future holds for us because it’s so bright, we need sunglasses! THIS IS A GOOD SIGN!!

Happy Festival Season 2015!!

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