Burden to Bear

by Good Sign on January 11, 2013

Often we objectify ourselves and those who love us by bearing the weight of the world on our own. Troubled times find us all, some more than others, some unlike we can or will ever know. It sucks when someone you know and love is suffering such a burden, yet you haven’t the slightest idea.

I believe we all have an image of ourselves that we wish to protect, an image that is at risk when we open upĀ and share our deepest burdens and fears, even if it is with the people we love. There are too many good things in this life to let evil and pain in the world win.

Sure it is easy to say these things apart from the moment, but I have been there, and revisit it from time to time, at least in some degree. We must find what is ours in this life and no one else’s. I am not talking about an occupation, or a hobby, or even a lover. There must be something inside each and everyone one of us that is worth holding on for — for you and you alone. I’m not saying it’s easy to find, but I am saying it’s necessary and worth while to find.

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