Catching Fireflys

by Sam Hofer on June 1, 2015


By Sam Hofer

When I think of Fireflies, I think of when my all my aunts and uncles, cousins and family friends would all gather at my uncle’s small home in Peoria, Illinois for our annual family reunion. The day was long and hot, but at night the warm air would fill with what seemed like millions of different colored fires lighting up the sky. As kids, we would rush out there with a mason jar, with holes poked in the top of course for adequate oxygen flow, and we would catch our favorite colors. Red, blue, green, yellow and occasionally a purple would live a temporary existence in our jars and then be let free before bed time. This thought always warms my mind and heart and it’s very fitting that a music festival of the same name is working to deliver the same feeling to the masses.

The Firefly Music Festival is a internationally known music festival which lasts four days and is located in Dover, DE. It was started a few years ago and has taken music festivals to a new standard. This boutique festival has attracted many huge artists and this year’s line up does not disappoint. With artists like The Killers, Snoop Dogg, Empire of the Sun, Hozier, Kings of Leon, Kid Cudi, Steve Aoki, Paul McCartney, Modest Mouse and Zedd.

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The best part about this music festival is that the good vibes don’t stop when the festival is over. A large sum of the profits every year gets donated to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital for a lasting impact on every child who is going through sickness.

The Firefly music festival is June 18th-21st, don’t miss it. And don’t forget to bring a Good Sign.

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