by Sam Hofer on April 15, 2015


By Sam Hofer

Change. The end of mundane. The birth of something new; something fresh. A scary thought.

Why are we so reluctant to change? Change is inevitable, right? Nothing is meant to stay the same and yet we act like this is not the case. We act like we can stop the growth of ourselves. Why the fear? Change can be a beautiful thing. Change can cause you to solve problems that you couldn’t even attempt as another self. Yes, it does create more problems, but these are overcome by more change.

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We change our socks from day to day. We change outfits to find the perfect one. We change laptops and phones and backpacks and shoes; why? We do this because we know that the next best thing is here and we want to have it. We want to own it and have it be ours. In ourselves this happens too with change. When we evolve from our previous mindset and revamp our outer circumstances we are moving toward the next best thing for us.

The reason it’s scary is because it’s not as easy as upgrading your phone.

I’m going through a big decision, a big change in my life. The biggest one so far. College. What school to choose? Move away for a fresh start? Stay local and be with friends and family? Not go to school? Get a job? All of these are viable options. All of these have benefits and downfalls. All of these are changes in some respect. But which one is the best one? That is also why change is scary. We don’t know which change is the best until it’s in retrospect.

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The moral of this rant is simple. Change is the best thing and the worst thing. Likewise with staying the same. Sometimes the hardest change is not changing at all.

Change is beautiful. You are beautiful. Change something. 

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