Dally In The Alley, Detroit

by Good Sign on September 16, 2015

Smile embrace

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Leaders must offer their people a helping hand, before community is practiced in any land. Strength comes from offering it to another. It must be given to be received – no different than love. The ordinary become extraordinary by sharing and showering others with their gifts. This process provides an opportunity, or catalyst for another to look inside of themselves for something they can share with others. When we are moved by another, by a cause, by a set of actions that trigger an emotional response, I believe it serves as a portal between universes. We are conditioned to suppress and mask our emotional spectrum, even though it is what makes us human. #thisisagoodsign

Detroit Beard Collective Laugh Jays for days Just the two of us Big Hug Hug Ladies Dally Crowd Silly Bastard DJ Red Group Inside Group night Group on porch Marty Mom Me PMT and the girls Dally Ally Detroit made me gangsta Group Dally Catherine Marty and the Girls Back Stage Glow Glowing Alley Postman and Regz

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