by Good Sign on October 1, 2012

By Kevin Alan Lamb

We make our dreams come true, one day at a time

The road is not always certain or easy

Because a man of great passion is not easily appeased

Our pursuit of that which we love, requires belief

I wear my intentions on my sleeve

Not success, but happiness will be measured in tremendous degrees

I have finally arrived— and do not plan to ever leave

For years I struggled to find my certain path

In a blink of an eye— it appears I’ll never look back

My rearview mirror will always hint of disbelief and doubt

There is a shimmering light inside of me— I plan to let it out

This is where I belong

Preserved and protected somewhere in-between sport and song

Words have always been my sunrise before dawn

Perhaps a window to my soul

A better world with happier people – my goal

Let us help one another realize our dreams

Care for those who don’t offer anything you need

Share the love— happiness is the purest drug

Be content with your choices— never neglect your heart and its many voices

Live today for the moment, tomorrow for potential

In the game that is life, facticity is your only credential.

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