by Good Sign on May 10, 2012

By Kevin Alan Lamb

The wind will blow whether or not we’re here to know
The trees will grow despite our pervading imprint and waste
The stars will shine even if only to illuminate the earth below, that is not yours, or mine
Fish will swim in spite of our negligent efforts to harvest and instill grim
Birds will fly high even if such great heights scare the likes of you and I
The sea will roar with life but never forget the rivers damned, that fill it no more
Children will dream, run and play, all the while fear silhouettes the land and hope for natural wonders decay
Singers will sing songs of neglect, struggle, triumph and jubilation while honest care for some remains a reluctant hesitation
Surgeons will save the lives of strangers yet neglect the ones they are bound to by the sacrament of love
Nations will pray to heavens above while their people suffer below
The entitled will hide smiling behind their subsequent titles, certain their salary alleviates their duty, to deviate from their plug-and-play 60-hour work week
The weak diminish and pray to God to finish the suffering he started at their conception
Tears run dry while crowds clouds cry, showering use in the waste we refuse to reduce
Out mother nature struggles for breath while our ignorance tightens the noose
Species dissolve while ego and manifested need discard them with a bureaucratic excuse
Love fuels hope to adapt and prevail, but greed foreshadows, it may be to no avail
The delicate balance of the universe grows weak, while we indulge in bliss, dream, and sleep.

By Eric Hampton, the Storyteller


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