Desmond Tutu

by Sam Hofer on April 24, 2015


By Sam Hofer

On October 7th 1931, no one knew that one of the greatest world leaders was born in the country of South Africa. Growing up in apartheid, Desmond Tutu had a problem with the arbitrary oppression of people groups just because they were different from the group that was in charge. He began to stand up for what he believed in and soon became the first ever black archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa. He rose in the ranks and, even more shockingly became Bishop of the Anglican Church of South Africa.

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He used his fame to bring light onto the darker subjects of human nature that were not talked about up until then. He, along with Nelson Mandela, effectively eradicated apartheid in South Africa. This was a monumental achievement because this plague of this belief had a tight gripped choke hold on the oppressed of the nation for many years.

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Along with these achievements, Tutu is on the Board of Advisors for the Batonga Foundation and a member of the prestigious organizations, The Elders. Tutu is also a a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and frequently uses his worldwide fame to voice the concerns of people who were otherwise swept under the rug. He is a hero to the oppressed and can change the minds of the people with even the most deeply rooted hatred towards people who are different than them.

Along with donations of time, Desmond Tutu also has many monetary donations. He has donated countless dollars to nearly 25 charities, supporting 20 causes. He is a change-maker for good, with him at the wheel, all will be right in the world. He knows it will take time, and he’s committed his whole life to making that change. He is a Good Sign of our better world.

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