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by Good Sign on February 1, 2015


By Kevin Alan Lamb

Help Our People Excel.

We will be delivered to whatever we set our attention to. If the media continues to highlight the mistakes of professional athletes, opposed to shining light on the multitude of positive contributions they are making to their community, and this world, then this insatiable thirst for negativity will endure.

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“In terms of the overall perception of the league, I know there has been a lot a talk about that but I think when you look at this league as a whole and look at the mean who play this game, I think we have more great stories than bad stories but the ones that get highlighted are the ones that have been an issue lately and obviously they are an issue and they are a concern but overall I think overall this league is built of men that have character and integrity and that are family men that do a tremendous job of carrying out their daily routine,” said Detroit Lions head coach Jim Cadwell.

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On Monday night Lions safety James Ihedigo hosted a fundraiser event for his charity organization, HOPE Africa, which stands for “Helping Our People Excel”. HOPE Africa. Started by a Nigerian-American family who knows first-hand the sacrifices involved in leaving one’s home, attaining an elite education and giving back, HOPE Africa wants to boost future young African leaders.To achieve its goal, HOPE Africa provides academic scholarships and a broader structure: volunteer opportunities, internships and a network of people to help them create sustainable projects with the aim of establishing a continuing system of resources for future generations.

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