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by Good Sign on March 27, 2015

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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Despite the individual abilities given to us at birth, and developed throughout our lives to be shared as gifts with the ones we are blessed enough to walk, sit, and live beside, we are all connected through a common struggle, pursuit, and participation in happiness. Within each and everyone of us resides a tremendous enduring light that longs to illuminate the shadowed path, cast before the troubled but spectacular lives of all men, women, and children on this water-covered rock, floating through space.

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While we possess both the desire and ability to transform this instinctual need into measurable progress in the lives of others, our species has a tendency to over promise, and under deliver.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” – Warren Bennis

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend my first Feast. Since making the decision to dive all in on my passion, road trip across the country on one day’s notice, and begin a new life in Santa Cruz, I have experienced a culmination of apparent, and lush goodness in my life. The type of goodness that inspires faith in humanity and fuels the energy necessary to provide mankind a protagonist capable of offering hope where it has been long lacking. I looked around the room to be greeted by wide-eyes, filled with the type of passion that only burns as a result of action, sacrifice, and a commitment to others. I attentively listened and quickly processed that I was in the most extraordinary, but not rare company. This world is filled with, and connected by people just like you, who wish to change the world, but refuse to allow struggle and strife defeat their desire to do so.

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We gathered at Mint in Scott’s Valley, excited and curious to break bread and Feast on Good, a transformative exchange of change in the making. Without necessarily knowing the person to our left, or person to our right, each of the 15 wonderful souls gathered around the table knew their invitation was a privilege, and special opportunity to learn, engage, and offer their experience, abilities, and passion to help further one another’s progress, because passion without progress sucks.

This platform is not for admiration but action; it is a chance to answer the question of the difference a single person can make; it is a chance to unite individuals who operate from a unique perspective, philosophy, and knowledge base to learn, share, and build! The Feast is a common and familiar meeting space, where each attendee comes to the table with something to offer, infuse, and use for the greater, and necessary good!

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Each Feast will be measured by the moments, hours, and days that ensue and reveal the true intentions of all who gather. The integrity of Feast will be assembled and upheld by the leaders who walk away with a purpose and navigational map for their passion to fashion a guide for other change-makers who wish to assist in our mutual effort to leave this world better than we entered it. The Feast connects and rejects the notion that our world is without hope. The Feast assembles and resembles the Good Signs we need and seek to believe vision can be transformed into reality. The Feast will empower those in their darkest hour, because there’s no time left to wait on the world to change.

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