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by Good Sign on October 16, 2014

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Inspiring the world to be a happier, more friendly place, is my job, but to help others be happy, I must be happy, and music provides most all that I seek. By way of a year membership to daytrotter, from my brother Jonas, I’ve been rapidly discovering new music. Among my beautiful discoveries, British singer-songwriter, Roo Panes.

“Roo Panes is a young British songwriter with a guitar to his chest and a heart swelling with hopes and dreams.”

He reminds me of another love of mine, Alexi Murdoch. Panes’ debut album, “Little Giant” will return you the cadence of your breath while his heart-felt lyrics remind you that you are both capable and beautiful. From the title track, “Little Giant”, come the lyrics that don’t ask but insist you carry on and appreciate your strength and tear shedding emotional condition: “Have the heart of a giant, but know you’re a man.”

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Take pride in your abilities and be reminded of the mountains you have climbed, but never forget that with each peak’s summit, comes and inevitable decline filled with struggles and doubt. Do not set limits upon the boundaries you were born to gaze beyond, but remember that you are also human susceptible to fear, distractions, and hardship.

But as you reflect upon your cuts and bruises from falling along the way, never overlook the bravery and gumption that were required to embark on the journey in the first place.

The words of others have always helped me find my own. Most artists speak to their understanding and conception of home. The track “Indigo Home” assured me that the love and grace that flows through my veins, is the very same within the pounding heart of this beautiful soul.

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“Live love and give love, and you will never be alone. Live love and give love, and you will always have a home.”

It comes as little surprise to discover that this debut album was recorded within the comfort and sanctity of his home:

“The comfort of home, of a tight and supportive family, punctuates proceedings throughout Panes’ debut LP – which is perhaps inevitable, as the collection was recorded there.”

I encourage you find strength and recognition within the music and lyrics of Roo Panes. He is a beacon of light glowing with reciprocity and mutual dependence: He reminds, that we are in this together, and This Is A Good Sign.

“I was born to be free, you were born to free me.”

Pre-order “Little Giant”

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