From Ashes to Light

by Good Sign on June 27, 2012

By Good Sign Man


Too soon we forget it is from struggle that phenomenon is born. Not ashes to ashes, but from ashes to the light of the Phoenix. We must allow ourselves to be grounded to this great earth by our uncertain path, pain, and temporary maddening in the face of darkness, panic, and shortness of breath.

Too soon we forget that we only live one life; who are we to live free of the world’s weight on our shoulders, on our heart? It is the journey through the depths of darkness that inspire awe as we bask in the euphoric glow of the sun on our face atop the mountain they said couldn’t be climbed; or at least not by the likes of you.

Great books that tell the stories of better men and women are not written by those who stumble from man to majesty overnight. Our souls cannot be taxed, gain interest, or be deterred: but our souls can be measured by an enduring spirit that claws, scratches, and fights its way from worn knees to two feet, standing before the world, accepting nothing short of another breath lived in pursuit of love, excellence, and even the smallest chance to leave behind a story of their own that inspires a better world; inspires a soul broke and beaten by another man’s conception of what this life ought to be.

We will grow together if we look to one another when we believe it is best for us to crawl in a hole and die. Time, like your heart will keep ticking so do not fear being defeated, we all are; a soul is measured in the moments after absorbing a crushing blow, and the moments after that. You are stronger than you give yourself credit. You are closer to your dreams than you can conceive. And every ounce of you deserves to be happy, embrace yourself, your potential, and your ability to be the inspiration you look for in the world.

Kevin Alan

By Eric Hampton, The Storyteller

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