Good Sign Doctrine

by Good Sign on January 13, 2014

By Kevin Alan Lamb

It is thrilling that there are billions of people in this world who still haven’t experienced our Good Sign movement. There are billions of beautiful people in the world that we have yet to reach. There are billions of hearts and minds who will one day be given an opportunity to consider that we carry this message of hope not for attention, but for the desperate, not to make you look, but to help you see, not to sell signs, but to prescribe happiness as a result of optimism, care, and connectivity.

Since 2010, we have demonstrated the exponential power of grassroots marketing, expression, and relationship building to form one of the strongest, diverse, talented, honest, loved and inspired families in the world! We are a family growing by the second: as I type these words with my fingers our positive message is being spread across the Seven Seas, inspiring individuals to pay it forward and reciprocate the goodness and care that they felt when our light shined upon their skin. In countries where English isn’t spoken, children are being exposed to a different, more positive attitude towards Americans after members of the Good Sign family made themselves vulnerable carrying a message of hope, understanding, and love to a foreign place, where its reception was difficult to forecast, exposing their delicate and beautiful human condition long enough to forge a meaningful bond.

Some of the greatest musicians in the world believe in our message without the courtesy of these words you are reading, because they cannot deny the way a Good Sign makes them feel. Revolutionaries like Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons, Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers, Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, George Clinton, Michael Franti, Frank Turner and Greensky Bluegrass help spread our message of hope to combat the darkness that chases our species and makes threats to consume our planet. With their help, with your help, and with the help of our Good Sign family we are changing the way people think and feel. We are giving mankind a permission slip to lift others and be incredible while living extraordinarily! Somewhere along the way we were trained to focus on the negative: to criticize, breakdown, and see the worst in all experience! An individual could be simultaneously experiencing three amazing things in his or her life, yet as soon as he or she experiences struggle, it becomes their universe and point of fixation. It is our hope to rewire the hearts and minds of men, women and children to count and dwell upon their blessings before their shortcomings, failures, or mistakes. We are not preaching ignorance, rather that you give yourself some credit and honestly evaluate the good with the bad! Balance is the key to life: haven’t you earned the same love and consideration!? Life will knock you down plenty, why give it any help? Everyday we fight battles that we never imagined having, be strong and always remain in your own corner. Life is hard, let us celebrate the good with greater conviction than the bad. Let us remind ourselves of the progress we have made when our doubts way heaviest. Let us be the reason another struggling individual finds a way to believe in themselves and carry on when they need it most! Our family gives a perpetual and collective effort to remind individuals of their brilliance and potential to do all things in which they believe and commit to!  A Good Sign is an excuse to be extraordinary! An opportunity to lead by example. Hope in a better way.

Team Good Sign is a family who will never ask you to pay monthly dues in order to belong. We are a family who will never require you endure suffering to initiate you. We are a world community of individuals inspired and moved by a collective consciousness! Our motivation is to enlist the world in a common and united way of thinking and feeling that connects all of our species with the shared dream of peace, love and happiness. We are a helping hand that you will never have to fear rejection from. We are a borrowed debt that you will never have to repay. We are a family united not by blood, but love. We are brothers and sisters that will never be upset when you forget to call, or wish us happy birthday. We are sons and daughters that make ourselves vulnerable to the despair in the world in hopes that it will save at least one sinking soul. We are the citizens you hope fill your community. We are the neighbors you pray to find on the other side of the fence in your backyard. We are the students you close your eyes and wish your child meets in school.

We are an opportunity to give more than you receive; to discover that what you share with this world is what it keeps of you. We are the friend by your side when hope dwindles lying in the hospital bed. We are a warm home and hot meal in the dead of winter. We are the second chance you don’t think you deserve. We are the most special family on this planet and it is our hope everyone someday experiences the pleasure and blessing it is to belong. We are an organization of hope that sees and feels something wrong with this world and chooses to combat it! We are few and we are many. We will inspire and be inspired to shine an immense light on those that not only believe in a better way, but are living and breathing examples of it! We will erect statues for the ordinary man who exemplifies the extraordinary! We will celebrate the child that helps an elderly woman carry her groceries in from the car. We will celebrate the child that donates his or her Christmas gifts to needy children who have none. We will celebrate the nurse that volunteers her time traveling the world on missions to improve the lives of others. We will celebrate the writer that studies humans who have improved their lives drastically in hope that she can help others do the same. We will celebrate those who live for more than themselves. We celebrate the choices and commitments that begin to paint the beautiful picture of the world we wish to leave behind.



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