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by Good Sign on March 29, 2015

Traverse City Frozen Lake Michigan

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Within 30 minutes of establishing Good Sign Mobile HQ at Brew in downtown Traverse City, I have already made meaningful connections with the wonderful locals. Proudly displaying my Good Sign as it rests on the padded seat back above my head, I write and work with a stack of Good Sign giveaways (Business Carl) on the edge of my table as curious and interested patrons pass by and help themselves to a daily dose of portable positivity.

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The lady to my left thanked me for the positive energy I am depositing into the world, and their wonderful local community. Another gentleman stopped at my table and shared how just this morning, he and his friend were discussing the idea of a “be positive” sticker as a vehicle for the positive energy they wished to share with their local community. We are a wonderful species, hungry for goodness and the connectivity that will undoubtedly ensue with its regular practice and insistence!

Like a tree we will continue to plant in your hometown around the world, starting a positive conversation so that you are more comfortable joining in and strengthening our voice. We are providing the satellite that will broadcast your kindness, care, and unique talents to the entire world! We have done and will continue to do the heavy lifting; it’s time for you to reciprocate the faith we have placed in humanity and gift another the opportunity to rise and shine in the light of a species that once and for all internalizes the philosophy that we are better together!

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Man-kind is hungry for the goodness that we offer with every waking breath of our lives. Humans are uncomfortable with oppression, hunger, and desperation. We are a delicate species both easily inspired and broken to pieces. We surrender our keys to the kingdom, giving them to people, ideas and ideals that we may or may not even believe in or agree with. Armed with conscious and self-consciousness, we are able to construct our perception to benefit ourselves, others, and hopefully both, yet too often we play the part of the helpless! Of the voiceless… You are neither and it is our belief and practiced philosophy that your time is running out!

We wish to create a world that does not encourage nor give credence to perceived helplessness. The credo “Power to the people” only proves true when the people hold on to their power; when they fight and claw for their ability to shape and positively influence the world around them! We are given the keys at conception, but it is a personal responsibility and opportunity to maintain their control and open the doors that hide darkness, closed, in plain sight.

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We must challenge the status-quo because currently, it tolerates and reinforces the suffering of both the individual and the masses! Our leaders are not fulfilling their job description. It is not the duty of a leader to practice and instill the popular idea or way of life. It is not the duty of a leader to ask his or her faithful followers to remain blindfolded to the error in his or her ways. Convention must be challenged so that our actions trend towards uplifting the defeated, rather than ensuring their fate upon the ground which we walk.

It is so simple we tend to refuse to see it: it is needed so much we continue to bleed hunger rather than feed it.

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