Helping people is logical

by Good Sign on April 1, 2015

Devils Den Holly

By Kevin Alan Lamb

My passion and conviction are undeniable, and likely the reason people I encounter, whether in person or as words on paper, choose to help us carry this conversation: with their peers; with their family; with their students; with whomever possesses the hunger to listen, and voice to speak out!

What we’ve done is impressive, but our eyes have never left the horizon, the setting sun, and the better days to come! We are making a difference in the way that we have chosen and this is only the beginning. If you don’t think we are what we say, you probably don’t understand our words.

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In no lower priority do the hearts and minds of the masses need to be healed as bellies need to be fed. We have such an infantile understanding of hunger! What good is a stomach full of food in a heart without passion, compassion, love or hope? What good is shelter for a spirit already broken? What good is warmth in a soul crippled and frozen by the apathy of those in a position to help? We hunger for so many things yet rarely grasp that hunger is not simply physical, but emotional! We are hungry for love, hungry for purpose, hungry for rational explanations where there are none. Our hunger is present at the most innate cellular level yet so many disregard its detriment on our well-being, on our ability to function and thrive.

Every day we are feeding the hungry: every day we are feeding the desperate: everyday we are offering shelter from the storm. Won’t you help us? Do you disagree with our mission? Do you not see the picture we paint? Do you believe that we practice in the ways of deception? Have you already categorized and written us off because we can’t be squeezed into your narrow archetype of perception? Are you quickly a critic and rarely of aid? Are you kept up nights, troubled with the void in your heart, or do you sleep soundly without the risk of lending your care and concern?

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No matter your sleeping patterns you are the best deception to yourself if you believe this is not your fight; if you believe these are not things worth fighting for; if you believe that apathy is a means of self-preservation and not self-destruction!

Only a tormented soul believes he or she exists on a separate plain from the rest of us: only a soul void of passion takes solace refraining when participation could make a difference in the life or death, freedom or imprisonment of another.

I sure hope you don’t intend to reproduce if you prefer the absence of light over the shining sun.

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A heart void of compassion is simply the effect of a mind absent of honesty. Helping people is logical. Caring for people is logical. We help and care because of our ethics and integrity, but also because we hope it increases the likelihood that another will do for us the same!

This has nothing to do with independence and everything to do with the logical deductions that there will be an unforeseeable time and place where we require a helping hand, compassionate heart, and eyes that see.

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