How do you spend your time?

by Good Sign on April 9, 2015

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By Dana Smith

“time is the longest distance between two places” – Tennessee Williams

When a majority of people think of currency, physical assets manifest in their mind’s eye. They think of federal reserve notes, gold, oil, and maybe even a few think of the more abstract digital currency, Bitcoin. While these things do have value, some more than others, there is one major form of currency that we all possess, yet rarely identify as such.

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This currency is intertwined with the universe; it’s something both biotic and abiotic components of life use knowingly or unknowingly; and it’s something that is in transaction every moment of existence. This inherent currency is time; and chances are if you are reading this, you have a decent surplus of it.


Everyday we choose to spend our time doing certain things instead of other things. We spend our time in exchange for some type of payoff. We may expect immediate emotional satisfaction, progress on an ongoing project that will support long term/future happiness, or creating and maintaining a healthy body. You see, we trade our time for things we value. We invest time like we would invest anything else, and in exchange for that investment we expect a return. When we don’t receive a return that we are happy with, we call the activity a “waste of time”.

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When we start thinking of time as currency, something that can be traded for something else, it becomes a lot easier to think of time practically. We begin to see the primordial relationship of cause and effect in our day-to-day routines and habits. We begin to see that those habits will profoundly affect the lives we live in the future, and have a strong effect on our overall levels of satisfaction and happiness.

It motivates us to live actively, it empowers us. It reinforces a sense of responsibility for the quality of our external and internal lives in the now. Through wise time management and investment we create the lives we want. Habits are repetitious investments of time, and the more you invest in something the more value it holds. The habits you nurture will ultimately define the life you live and the person you are.

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By taking responsibility for how you spend your time you begin to tinker with the code that renders your life. You begin to push and steer your own evolution. You become more aligned with your values and start reeling in your dreams out of the ocean of the abstract, and into the domain of reality. The possibilities available to you are innumerable, and time is the material from which you make the keys to step through those doorways. You are designing your life whether you’re aware of it or not, the question is, are you a passive or active designer?

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Dana Smith

Dana is our second intern at Team Good Sign. He will be blogging about emotional, spiritual, and physical evolution, in addition to hosting podcast and Good Sign TV. Dana is 18 and a resident of Austin, Texas. Check out his blog, WanderGrowth where he will be exploring various topics such as morality, honesty, obedience, perception, self-improvement, imagination, logic, curiosity, questioning, passion, humility, diet, stress, & self-education. “My hope is to inspire and ultimately empower the reader.”

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