I Am Alive

by Good Sign on November 4, 2013

By Kevin Alan Lamb

I needed room to breathe and I took it

Doubt lingered in my heart, so I shook it

I spent some time focusing on the things I love

Focusing attention where it was deserved

Helped greater clarity be learned

Stop needing wants and goals may be earned

Be better to everyone, let go of bridges burned

Close your eyes as they turn and settle to dust

With your hands to your chest take a deep breath and know it’s best

Find solace knowing your creation deviates from the rest

Discover excitement though passion pursued before depression insists its test

Elude those persistent to bring you down

Exude positive energy and inspire it around!

If you’re miserable then perhaps it’s time you leave town!

If music fills you with joy then perhaps it’s time you share the sound

If you were given life I recommend you live it before buried in the ground

If you are falling to pieces find the people that will help you pick them up!

If it is too late for you then I guess we don’t need to hear it?

Hearts break, life goes on, why fear it?

Apathy may not break but it sure will forsake

Uninspired living won’t be your demise but it will be your disguise

Greed may not end your days but it will be the death of a child who can only pray

Cowardice will not be etched in your gravestone but it may encourage that you die alone


Life is given and it can be taken

But love and memories will be left behind

Goodness will last the test of time

My dreams will be mine

Integrity defined

Mountains climbed

Joy prescribed

I am alive.


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