by Good Sign on April 29, 2014

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Despite our accomplishments we constantly measure ourselves with the world around us: whether it is a comparison to our peers or the great leaders, innovators or revolutionaries come and past. I don’t see this as defeating, rather, recognition of the traits and actions we find admirable in the physical world which we occupy. While watching “Jobs” last night, the story of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, I found myself evaluating my strengths and weaknesses as they compared to Jobs. Floored with emotion from a compelling film that seemed to intercept me just as our Good Sign is taking flight, I found it impossible to sleep. It is alright to look inside of your soul and discover unrest; it is healthy to recognize your weakness without attempting to break yourself down; it is alright to recognize and work on accepting your inadequacies.

Jobs is an inspiration because he wished to use technology to give infinite power to the people, similar to the way we wish to ignite a fervent passion in all of you to chase your dreams, challenge conventions, define and uphold your integrity, and with enough pressure over time, change the world. All along I’ve believed I could change the world, but I will tell you, all of your support has made it a lot more tangible. With my throat worn from a life of constant and emphatic communication, I digress to my fingers and these keys to once more carry my voice across the Seven Seas.

We are a powerful people and I believe we have started acting like it. We are a beautiful people and all of your commitment and love is enabling communities around the world to bear witness to it. We are just beginning a journey that has no end. I am proud of each and every one of you for rising to the occasion and giving mankind a good sign in the form of a protagonist that stands not for few but many. I am proud of you without knowing the sound of your voice; I am proud of you without knowing your name; I am proud of you without knowing what you dream to one day be; I am proud of you because I recognize the look in your eyes; I am proud of you because I know what makes your heart beat; I am proud of you and smile, gazing upon the setting sun and horizon where we will one day meet.

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