Justin Forsett, a vessel for His glory

by Good Sign on January 29, 2015

Justin Forsett

By Kevin Alan Lamb

What you share with this world is what it keeps of you. When Baltimore Ravens running back Justin Forsett wakes each morning, he is going to work for the woman he loves, his family, and to embody the characteristics of Jesus Christ.

In a world intent on knowing a man before walking even a quarter-mile in his shoes, Forsett is a living, breathing inspiration; a reminder of the sacrifice and courage professional athletes offer to the game they love.

Son of a preacher, husband of an Olympian, the 5-foot-8, 198-pound back has been underrated his entire life; labeled a “journeyman,” he’s had his faith tested at every corner.

“Being a professional football player is more than fame and fortune,” he says. “The job can be highly stressful, life-altering, and dangerous. Players suffer head trauma, brain injuries, and paralysis in the profession. I share all this to say it’s more than just a game—it’s our livelihood, and this is what we do to provide for our families.”

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