Licensing goals for the Good Sign brand in 2020/21:

1. To secure a an anchor licensee partner in the apparel & accessories category
2. Develop multiple appropriate SKUs in the category, all centered around the Good Sign brand message, logo, other positive designs and spin-offs
3. Leverage our brand’s current popularity, recognition and acceptance in the youth market to have a very successful test for your products at mid-tier, specialty or big box retailers

Why licensing with the Good Sign brand works to successfully sell products at retail:

  1. The very photogenic nature of the Good Sign logo
  2. We enjoy widespread brand recognition and acceptance because of the 10 year old social movement that continues to drive our real-world community growth and engagement with the youth market
  3. Billions of documented brand impressions are created by our Army of Volunteer brand ambassadors with boots on the ground every year since 2010
• Our Trademarked logo gets peoples attention
• The Good Sign logo and our catchy POP displays help your products on the retail shelf to get that all-important second look from the consumer
• The Good Sign logo’s photogenic nature will generate tons of social media activity around your products
• Cause-based marketing strategy with “Feeding America” as our beneficiary
• The Good Sign brand gives people that warm and fuzzy feeling
• We are able to develop a strong rapport with the consumer immediately at the store level – resulting in a competitive advantage and increased sales of your Good Sign brand licensed products

Two more factors that will create momentum for our brand

“The Good Sign Movie” and more entertainment/media products are currently in development with our partners in Hollywood

The NEW product showcased in this 1 minute video is also driving our IP’s growth

Things to consider about our new product video: The 20% discount mentioned is meant to represent any number of possible promotions such as: Charity fundraising event promotion, Book promotion, Music artists promotion etc.

Your Brand’s promotional materials will be shared to people everywhere because of the Good Sign

Because that’s  just what people do with Good Signs – They share them

Bonus: The Good Sign makes everyone feel better when they see it

The world could use more of that right now!


Roaring Springs Good Sign Productsfathead_logo


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