Life 101

by Good Sign on November 5, 2013

By Kevin Alan Lamb

 Get busy livin

Get busy lovin

Shake your ass and move your feet cuz good times are comin!


We all have worries

We all have doubts

There is immense light within us

And it’s time we let it out


Been fighting the good fight now

Twenty eight years strong

Been working on finding my voice

Hiding my love away in songs


I’m a positive person some people say

Was it a choice or did God make me this way?

I write these words with tears in my eyes

Heading west on the freeway


Heading home to a place that won’t be much longer

Optimistic for what’s to come

The road ahead to make me stronger

And the Hunger in my heart to carry me farther


Some people hoard wishes

Others stockpile debts

I sweat my way to autonomy

Lived for more than sex

Busy chasing dreams

I was laughed at for having

A choice and commitment to build an army

That will never harm me


Sure I have scars

Probably more than most

But I find a way to carry on

Not busy chasing ghosts.


KAL Dragon's Breath

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