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by Good Sign on June 3, 2015


Photo Credit/Terry Shear

By Kevin Alan Lamb

It was another beautiful day in the D. Everyday we are attracting good humans with both the ability and desire to strengthen our community! There is no service to your community greater than participation. We walk the streets of Detroit, filled with Tigers fans, smiling children excited for summer vacation, and artists who will tell the great story of our city’s second coming and depict Detroit. But what story will we choose to tell?

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Yesterday I connected with Megan Guastella who was ranked in the top 20 millennials by Corp Magazine, who asked what our mission for the day was? I responded that our mission was to engage, encourage, and empower the people of Detroit and share stories of people right here in our city, living, breathing, and being the difference they wish to see in the world. People like Marty Sheedy, founder of the Project Scissor Gait Foundation. Being born with multiple congenital deformities including Arthrogryposis Congenita Multiplex and Prune Belly Syndrome, doctors told his parents that Marty would not live past the age of three and if he did, Marty would not walk or function normally. Well, he proved them wrong! Today, Marty is 27 years old and he has learned to live everyday to the fullest.

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Now that he is older, he wants to raise awareness about the way he walks. Marty believes that his story and walking technique may benefit others looking to adapt their gait pattern. Marty is the Executive Director of his own foundation, Project Scissor-Gait, where he works to educate, promote and provide research opportunities on the scissor gait walking pattern he uses. Marty is a motivational speaker who infuses courage and hope in the lives of children and families effected by Arthrogryposis and Prune Belly Syndrome. Marty’s story is a beacon of light, penetrating dark and stormy clouds, offering safe harbor to millions of people who are taking on water and losing hope in their battle.

As fate would have it, we just so happened to run into Marty while we frolicked the streets of Detroit with WDIV Local 4, who will be featuring our efforts next Tuesday in studio for Live In the D. Show up for your community and experience the blessing of belonging. We are all part of this historic Renaissance and have the choice to have a voice in just what story we tell the world.

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We were famished after an amazing day in the series of many in Detroit, and grateful to learn that our friends at Falafill in Midtown were still open and excited to have us! Their from scratch Middle Eastern inspired falafel and platters equate to the perfect feast, and perfect ending to a spectacular day. Glowing from one another’s presence, we engaged and learned how to better help one another. Before long, we arranged that Falafill will be catering our visit to WDIV next Tuesday for Live In The D.

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Photo Credit/ Felicia Fullwood, Dane Wittig, Terry Shear

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