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by Good Sign on March 11, 2015

Marissa Marie Mr Heat Cam

By Marissa Marie

Well I’ve always been well aware of THIS IS A GOOD SIGN. I started seeing it pop up more and more, at so many shows, festivals, and all over the internet. I scrolled through Instagram one day and came across Dontae Rockymore’s personal photo with this big and bold “This is a Good Sign“.

I instantly thought to myself, yes! I love this! I fell in love with what he captured. At that moment I knew I wanted to do a photoshoot with the sign too!!

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There was a sense of art, creativity, and inspiration in his photo. I’ve always known about the sign and it’s intentions. I’ve also always wanted to be apart of great things. So I asked Dontae if he’d be willing to collaborate a shoot with me, and we did just that!

At the first moment of prepping for the shoot, my creativity exploded! I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had an image, a bold and bright image, and it’s exactly what we captured in the shoot!

To me, the sign means inspiration, freedom, creativity, a way to spread joy, and most of all, hope. I wanted to let my personality and passion of expression show in this photoshoot, and boy did I let that flow!

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After the shoot, my hopes we’re to be apart of this movement, and help spread the Good Sign and it’s power to motivate! I expressed my interests in the company and asked how I could become more involved. Kevin welcomed me with open arms, and said there was always room for more friends on the team.

Now I’m excited as ever to continue my journey and adventures with This Is A Good Sign! I plan to push the positive vibes of the sign to the entire world, in our every day lives. I want the world to see our Good Sign, and then share theirs too.

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This is a movement I’m honored to be a part of. Let the love be lived. One Good Sign at a time.

Visit Marissa’s fan page and discover how she is inspiring joy in the world with passion, creativity, and dance.

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