Matt Damon invests in change

by Sam Hofer on April 22, 2015


By Sam Hofer

The Jason Bourne trilogy and Good Will Hunting are not the only thing that should get a standing ovation from Academy Award winning actor and writer, Matt Damon. The 44-year-old has seen many movie sets and brought us to the edge of our seats and the center of our hearts on multiple occasions, but the thing that he is most proud of is his incredible generosity and super-human like ability to give.

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Damon has been on a streak of giving since he has been able to. In 2009, he founded H2O Africa which later partnered with WaterPartners to create This non-profit helps provide clean drinking water to those who need it the most in the Sahara Desert and all over the world. Also, Damon is a strong supporter of the One Campaign which helps bring an end to extreme global poverty and the AIDS epidemic all over the world.

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A native of Cambridge, Mass., Damon loves to support people who need it the most in countries that are the most vulnerable. Matt has taken a stand and has sponsored multiple protests on the war in Darfur, in addition to raising countless dollars in an attempt to bring awareness and an overall end to the crisis in the African Nation.  He, accompanied with Ben Affleck, has played in the annual Ante Up For Africa Poker Tournament which donates all of the winnings to the people suffering in the country of Darfur.

The Haravrd Alum has made many classic films. He has spent his time and the money earned from these blockbuster films on something priceless – People. Over his career, he has and continues to support nearly 35 charities supporting over 28 different causes and has used his voice as a celebrity to bring awareness to subjects that are not covered enough by the media. He is making the world a better place. Matt Damon is a Good Sign.

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