Medicating The Soul

by Good Sign on February 5, 2014

By Kevin Alan Lamb

People medicate in all different ways: drugs, alcohol, lust, music, the introduction of suffering in others. I believe we are offering mankind a form of medication that doesn’t cost a dollar, damage the mind, body or spirit, and actually helps others medicate as well. We are giving people the ability to recognize that they possess the keys to the kingdom; that health and happiness are a personal responsibility and opportunity! We often hedge our bets and put stock in people and places that eventually let us down, because really – only you can choose to be or acknowledge the way you are. It is okay to let people into your happiness, but do so with care, and the understanding that they may not be constants. People let us down all the time but that isn’t an excuse to let go of the very things that move you and make you who you are!

A united species is a powerful and pervasive force that our planet has never known. We would pose a threat to a way of life that many are accustomed to because it suits them and their gaudy comfort. We are similar and beautifully unique. Ultimately, we seek the same setting sun upon the horizon; experience joy as a result of the same longings; and suffer as a result of the same perceived inadequacies and deficiencies. If we begin to hold ourselves accountable, rather than scapegoating our happiness, it will reveal our thought processes and actions that are not acceptable and inspire growth from fires that breathe below. It will not be scrutiny but empathy that helps facilitate another’s growth and evolution, bringing us closer to a common understanding of health and happiness. Consider the burden of another’s pain and suffering before you pick them apart because of it. Offer to help before contemplating why someone needs it. Start showing up for yourself so you can be present for others. Address your fears and perceived inadequacies so you can heal and help others do the same: they need you; we need you.

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