Meet Jenne & Josh, a Team Good Sign love story

by Good Sign on March 5, 2015


By Jenne & Josh

We were just kids rounding the corner in the hallways of our new middle school for summer orientation. That’s when Jenne Weaver met Josh DuBois and the friendship and love that ensued off and on for over 18 years was certainly a Good Sign. I’m quoting Josh right now as he just said “It was your big brown eyes that got me!” Swoon.

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He was the football player and I was the cheerleader but the connection was so much more than that. We both shared a love for nature, travel, the way the stars would shine and of course, the band Incubus. There was just this SPARK that could never be matched by anyone but each other since the first time he handed me his headphones because he wanted me to listen “I Miss You” off the Make Yourself album.

He left for California in high school to live with his Mom but we always found a way to stay in touch over the years…back in the days of AOL Instant Messenger and MySpace! Nowadays, you can just text someone out of the blue that you haven’t heard from in forever and it might just be the perfect alignment of two soul-mates at the right place at the right time: and that’s a Good Sign.

my love

We both grew up in Panama City Beach, Florida (SPRING BREAK ‘98 wooo wooo…and we both remember that!!) It was a beautiful beach town full of all kinds of kinds. That’s what made it unique; super busy spring and summer and ghost town winters. But this little town can only hold these wild ones for so long before she has to let go of her grip, as we were born travelers. Life would take us each on journeys to new homes and new adventures. I found myself leaving home and pursuing my music career in Nashville, Tennessee, while Josh found his way back to the East Coast going to college in Tampa, FL after his military service in the Army.

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Two-thousand-and-thirteen was a BIG year in both of our lives as we were finding our way and connecting with our inner selves by taking care of mind, body and spirit. That text message changed the course of our lives forever with a simple hello, as he found himself on a plane to Nashville three weeks later, visiting me with his Good Sign in hand and the biggest, most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen on anyone’s face, as I greeted him at the airport with loving arms!

He just said “I was waiting so long for that day!” Gaaaahhh…is this real life?! That was my moment of introduction to the greatest sign ever made in the history of the universes & galaxies! It immediately became the topic of conversation everywhere we took it as we were wrapped up in the excitement of being back together after 10 years had gone by! We knew right then what life had in store for us so we jumped on the path of love and light and never looked back!

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We are headed to our fourth festival together next weekend and you know whose coming with us? Our GOOD SIGN! March 13-14th in New Orleans, Louisiana, they host the Buku Music & Arts Project full of incredible artists like Bassnectar, Gramatik, Die Antwoord, STS9, Flosstradamus and of course the absolutely amazing food & live music that is New Orleans!!

I love that place and Josh has never been as an adult, so it’s going to be so beautiful to experience this place through his eyes…and you know what else will likely be there? More Good Signs! There are Good Signs everywhere you look, you just have to open your eyes 🙂

This is our Good Sign. He is mine and I am his.

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