Movement Detroit: Just breathe

by Good Sign on May 20, 2015


Photos/Terry Shear

By Kevin Alan Lamb

It was a cool 55-degree spring evening in Detroit, perhaps cooling of the streets that will soon be sizzling with fancy footwork, neon, and souls of all ages, races, and places, gathered from around the world, ready for an unforgettable weekend in the D, for Movement 2015.

On our first assignment, Senor PMT and I took it to the streets where the enduring spirit of this great city endures and prevails. The journey always begins before the masses drive, fly, and bike into the trenches for what is certain to be an outrageous affair. After all, what else could be expected from the festival produced within the bosom of the city founded on motors and music; the birthplace of techno – The D.


I’ve covered close to 10 music festivals, but never officially. Good Sign Magazine will tell the story of the music and the beautiful people dancing to it. We will bridge the barriers between the stage and the jubilant crowd, welcoming them into our story the very way they have welcomed us into their hearts, hands, and homes since 2010. Throughout Movement weekend I will be interviewing performers and fans a like, discovering what it is they love about our beautiful city, and this spectacular event that dates back to 2010. Wherever you see a Good Sign it is an invitation to connect, engage, hug, share stories and ask for help if you need it! Do not be afraid; do not be proud; we are all here for each other; to offer some consistency in this inconsistent world.

“Home is wherever we are if there’s love here to.” Jack Johnson

From rooftop we stood and gazed over downtown, glowing from the lights of Comerica Park, and the vibrant souls who continue to pour their compassion and commitment into its rebirth. Everyday I discover another reason to love Detroit. For the time in all my years here I climbed the stairs of a building caught momentarily between its past, and future. We traveled time ascending to the top where we were greeted by a Good Sign, literally. Three awesome Detroiters had already been capturing images and upon my emergence from the ladder below said,

“Are you the Good Sign Man!?”


“Perhaps,” I responded, then introduced myself using my formal name, Kevin.

Three of them had been on the roof since five shooting with a Good Sign, enjoying the finals days of accessing this historical property for a treasured glimpse of a city, rising from the rubble. It is apropos that within this mighty mass from which we stood, once resided rhythm, melody, and harmony in the form of one of the largest music stores in the world. The building will soon be remodeled as a boutique hotel.

It was a serendipitous greeting as I summit my first Detroit rooftop with a few individuals who I’ve known only a month, yet now call brothers. It calmed my anxiously-beating heart, and opened my lungs as the soothing winds breathed into my being to a peace I’ve been pleading for. There are a few moments in life that we are certain were meant to be – this was one of them. A proud Detroiter for 30 years, yet just now seeing the city I love and call home from a new perspective. My, how perspective offers insight. Hell Yeah Detroit.

Just in case you were looking for one, This is a Good Sign.


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