Movement of the Heart & Soul, Part 2

by Good Sign on November 5, 2013

By Kevin Alan Lamb

We need each other and we always have

Yet our wants have replaced our needs and dissolved the difference between the two

We are tremendous when working cohesively as a people

Capable of the most extraordinary, breathtaking and awe-inspiring actions

It’s time we as a people transform positive internal movement into traction

Let us celebrate the gifts we have been given without steppin’ on another man’s way of livin’

If his livin’ doesn’t hurt you or me, what qualms do you have with his livin’ free?

Perhaps you need to ask yourself a difficult question or two

Has your once fervent, glowing joy turned to a hue of blue?

Does your soul hunger for passion and purpose — a cleansing of the worthless?

Are you weighed down by burdens carried at your side?

Perhaps it is time you bury your burdens in the ground

Pound-by-pound they will prevent you from taking flight

Leaders are fueled by vision independent of 20/20 sight

How long has it been since you felt the world inside your arms?

Are you broken or lifted by the love void or running wild in your veins?

Are you frequent to count your blessings or do you shower yourself in your suffering pain?

We must free ourselves if we hope to ever grow

With growth there are no bounds to the heights we can know

Such great heights shared by stargazers and servants of their imagination

Our dreams can be ours if we commit, collaborate, and practice patience

Limits were constructed to teach us how much more there is in us!

Sirens sing to sell our souls on notions based on dissonance and doubt that could fill endless oceans

But our fate is not left to the whispers and conjures of witches and their magic potions

Magic lies in our heart and souls if and when we believe in it enough to see it

Phenomena, wonder and love are inevitable once we decide what to be and go be it!

There is immense illumination inside of you if and only when you trust yourself to free it!

Good Sign Hullaween

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