Mt. Rushmore

by Good Sign on January 31, 2015

Mt. Rushmore

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Drawn to the road, the ocean, fading lights and aching stars, his poetic longings opened my mind and heart to the possibility of being for others, what he is for me, and so many wide-eyed romantics, burning like the stars to which we gaze, and chase.

No matter the lives we live, the best any of us can hope for is a highlight reel of moments that remind us we are alive and invested in the pursuit of love, the wild and wonder. My advice to you in these moments is to cherish them: take several deep breaths and open your eyes wide to see and feel and be infected by the phenomena which you will do your best to understand, appreciate and internalize, yet somehow inevitably let slip away with exposure to struggle, scrutiny, and the constant bitch of time.

The wise man strives to be at harmony with the people, places, sights and sounds of the universe: the fool attempts to dictate the flow of the universe for his or her personal benefit.

Once submerged in the thick of our passion, when our love is invested in our life, we discover home in the people that help us always feel that way: in those who value us for the wild and romantic longings that are realized where chance, will, and spontaneity collide.

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