Mumford & Sons new album, “Wilder Mind”

by Good Sign on March 12, 2015

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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Spring is here! The snow and ice are melting. Temperatures breaking. A heat waive is being propelled by the course of events that includes my birthday, SXSW, St. Patty’s, Spring Training, Spring Break, March Madness and soon enough, opening day!

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Having spent most of my life suffering through the most frigid Michigan winters, I find myself grateful to enjoy another 70 degree day in Northern California. I find peace in the cadence of my breath as I walk down Highway 9, breathing in the mighty Redwoods.

Tomorrow I depart for Austin, the first leg of my Spring Tour. Since arriving to the Santa Cruz Mountains on a rainy December night, I’ve only attended one concert, The Avett Brothers. I am fired up to once more take to the road, and welcome an infusion of music back into my life. SXSW is an interactive, film, and music festival in the heart of Austin, Texas.

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Wide-eyed with adventure, romance, and new music flowing through my veins, I am happy to share this new single from Mumford & Sons third album, “Wilder Mind”. Yesterday I read a great Q&A with Marcus Mumford in Rolling Stone; I look forward to writing one of my own.

Marcus grouped their first two albums together, “Sigh No More” and “Babel”, pointing out that neither of the albums had much “space”. He shares how Radiohead and Led Zeppelin have an influence on their third album to be released in May.

“There’s also way more space on this record than there was on the last two. And that’s certainly intentional: enjoying the space, enjoying the kind of more patient structures of songs. I mean, we play what we wanna play. No one tells us what to do. We’re in a very lucky position in that way and it’s the same with this album – this is the noise we wanted to make, so we made it.”

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It just returned to the forefront of my consciousness that I dreamed I was at a Mumford & Sons show last. I was near the front row, and almost immediately spotted by one of the band members. I walked towards the stage with a grin, turned to the crowd revealing my Good Sign, and walked up to the stage. I’ve always hoped for some type of closure, since Marcus requested a Good Sign at the Troy Stopover, but I didn’t hear him. In the dream, I was sure to grant Mr. Mumford his wish.

With the Sons touring again this summer I’m excited for a second chance to transform my dreams into reality. I’m thinking I will attend either the Stopover in Iowa or Colorado, hope to see you there!

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