My first day at the beach, and sunset at West Cliff

by Good Sign on January 28, 2015

Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Life has been hectic since making the decision to dive all in on my passion, road trip across the country on one day’s notice, and begin a new life in Santa Cruz. I have experienced a culmination of apparent, and lush goodness in my life. The type of goodness that inspires faith in humanity and fuels the energy necessary to provide mankind a protagonist capable of offering hope where it has been long lacking.

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Working every Saturday selling a series of products as a means of survival along this path of righteousness and sustainability, free time has been limited, and a day at the beach was beyond overdue. While riding the 35 into Santa Cruz, I learned that my friend Ray, who lives in San Jose, but grew up with me in West Bloomfield, MI., was already walking the beach by the boardwalk. We met for lunch at a Taco joint, then set off for a bit of adventure at the beach.

For the first time it really hit me that my new home is a beach town, surrounded by mountains, where I can play volleyball, hike, and enjoy the coast every chance I get, or make time for to remind myself to smell the roses. My soul has always been drawn to the coast, and it is no coincidence that the stars are aligning now that I have finally taken a leap of faith, and arrived home.

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