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by Good Sign on February 2, 2015

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By Kevin Alan Lamb

After sending the other Kevin Lamb on his way to San Francisco, I returned a missed call from Frank Allen. Good ol’ Frankie boy… we hadn’t talked in years. He was the publisher of Sportz Detroit Magazine, my co-host on “Breakfast In The Morning”, and the reason I eventually hosted my own show, “Shaggy Lamb & the Fan”.

This past week, I resumed duties as a sportswriter after a two year hiatus. I am now working with professional athletes to help tell their faith-based and inspirational stories, driven by The Increase. I don’t believe in coincidences, and this serves as another example. I had the opportunity to write features on Ravens Pro-Bowl running back Justin Forsett, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, and one of the league’s top wideouts, Brandon Marshall.  We had a busy and successful Football Sunday, working behind the curtain to ensure #TheIncrease was trending on Twitter.

I had planned to work from the coffee shop today, but left my power chord at the Gorilla Nest, and made my way in. I gathered the $2 in change I needed to board to the bus, and caught the 35 in my front yard, heading to Scott’s Valley. I got off at the Fenton Safeway where I’ve been cashing checks, until I open a bank account here locally. Next, I walked about 10 minutes to the the post office, and shipped a couple Good Signs to Buck, who I went to High Point University with. While walking to the bus stop, it occurred to me that I needed correct change to board the bus, so I bought a Lara Bar at Green Leaf Market, and caught the bus for another $2 thereafter.

After sharing some Good Signs, and making the usual conversation in route to my destination, I got off the bus at the Scott’s Valley Transit Center. It was a beautiful day, and I spend too much time in the office, so I walked 45 minutes to our office. With the exception of a serious bike ride with the other Kevin Lamb up to Big Basin State Park Saturday, the extent of my exercise has been walking and ping pong. About a mile from the office, I noticed a hospice center and intuited that I oughta go in there. I spoke with the nice lady, told her about Good Signs, and how we’ve had very positive testimonials from elderly community centers, hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics. I left her with about 100 Good Sign giveaways, and walked out believing that it was the reason for this particular commute.

In a world married to measurables, I breathe easy when times are tough, knowing our greatest efforts reside within the immeasurable. The family who visits their dying relative at hospice, the caregivers who offer their compassion and energy to comfort those in their final days, and the men and women who are coming to terms with their last breaths, here on earth.

Go out of your way for others; they’re worth it. And even when times are tough, believe in yourself, you’ve earned it.

Write to Kevin and share your inspirational story. He loves people. He loves you!

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