Nattali Rize (Interview): Gathering of the Vibes

by Good Sign on August 6, 2015


By Kevin Alan Lamb

Created on this earth with infinite potential, only fear stands between the human race and our collective revolution through internal evolution. Children are given life, and with it comes the ability and necessity to dream, yet somewhere along the way these dreams are traded for a trace of happiness alongside a tidal wave that’s always just moments from crashing upon us. So we learn to swim, and cherish the breaths we are able to take before the weight of water resumes its place upon our chest; but there is a better way, so you must hold on.

“Generations will Rize, governments they will fall
We’re the only ones who will carry us through it all
If the words they are clear and the actions are strong
Oh my people we can’t go wrong… so hold on. hold on. hold on. hold on.”

Hold on to what is yours; and what is ours. Hold on to your gifts; hold on to your dreams; hold onto the belief that people are good and together we can change the world. A citizen of the human race, and planet earth, Nattali Rize is recognized around the world for her tenacious commitment to use her gifts to advance a global struggle toward the realization of Full Freedom, and the movement of Truth and Justice over the systematic exploitation of the people and our planet.

“I believe for me, all humans are family. There’s an amazing conscious awakening happening. I’m less attached to one town, one suburb, which allows for more of a global outlook which connects me to the world. Born in America, grew up in Australia, with roots all over the world” Nattali says.


With dominant Native American and Samoan roots, Nattali thanks her mother for letting her be the beautiful and passionate rebel she was created to be.

“My mother first taught me to play the guitar. She let me follow my heart and play music. She didn’t make me finish school. She allowed me to be me.”

Rebel DNA is in all of our blood, but not everyone chooses to hold on to the courage necessary to look an oppressor in the eyes, and recognize darkness beneath its disguise, casting aside its self-serving lies.

“Staring down their lie of democracy will you fight on your feet or live upon your knees?
This is not the way that life’s supposed to be I’m callin’, callin’ yeah.”

Nattali is a soldier armed not with weapons, but wisdom, a microphone, and the gumption to let her voice be a window for her rebel-soul to shine through and illuminate the darkness! She is a desperately needed call to action in a world ran by bureaucracy without traction. Her lyrics alleviate the fear in us, carrying a message that is a blessing bestowed to reduce weariness.

“We don’t just get on stage and play music, it’s a mission and it’s really important to connect and try to help us remember that we have more power and potential than we’re lead to believe. We need to put our energy into creating a system that serves all people.”


A people divided against itself will fall; but together, we are the ocean and if you rise to the occasion you will feel the tide turning, cooling fires burning, satisfying a soul yearning for something more magnificent than learning to surrender dreams in place of another’s idealism.

“Music is inspired by uprisings and I love it. In music, over the last 10 years every song of mine is about something important, and lately, lyrics are being heard, with not a word wasted. People are tuning in and coming up to me after a show and thanking me. We need to use our words more wisely. I would like to see more artists make more conscious music. Use your microphone to say something positive. I understand art is art, and there’s a lot going on in this world, but say something real. Sometimes I listen to popular music when I want to hear what’s going on, to see what level of consciousness we are really at.”

If you have children listen to the music they are being fed. If you have ears create a filter to recognize corporate propaganda. If you have fingers use them to change the channel.

“…Enuff corporate noise in the ears of the youth… Time to spread the Truth.”

Influenced heavily by reggae, Nattali describes her music as World Beat. Lyrical. New Era. No matter where her music takes her she is accompanied by high energy and a tendency to leave her fingerprints upon a soul.

“Music is a power medium that will be carried on for a long time and remain relevant, and ever present. Frequency, mecca, vibration… music is a way to resonate together, and create this energetic vortex.”

After spending most of 2014 living, writing, and recording in Kingston Jamaica, Nattali is a fierce phoenix on fire, blazing stages with cutting edge Jamaican live band and production crew, NOTIS.


“Bob Marley is a real rebel artist. Jimi Hendrix had pure and pig energy. He cut my imagination and heart as a young musician. I didn’t know what it was, but it had a vibe, and I was drawn to something. I connected to rhythm when I was young, but lyrics more so now.”

Her energy, enthusiasm, and regard for our people and planet parallel fellow rebel-rockers Nahko Bear and Michael Franti.

“I saw Michael perform for 10 years, he is a major inspiration. His music is conscious; he walks his cause. There’s no other live show where people free up instantly. There is an evolving energy, intense love, and celebration when Michael Franti and Spearhead are in the room. Nahko is a friend of mine, we’ve never recorded anything together, but we’ve played together a few times on stage.”


In a crowd of thousands, it will still feel as if Nattali is speaking just to you. Her music infuses and invigorates, while planting the necessary seeds within a soul to soar.

“An internal self-conscious revolution – that’s how we are changing the world. Manifest destiny. That is energy in itself. It’s time we realize our potential and power.”

After spending time recording with Bob Marley’s sons in Jamaica, Nattali looks to the legend for the last song she wants to hear before she leaves this earth.

“Bob is everywhere. There are still a lot more songs for me to hear, but ‘Ride Natty Ride’.”

Never surrender the infinite potential you were given in this life. No matter your struggle, you are not alone, and together we can turn the tide.

“Government will fall and only we can carry us through it all. Government has to fall. People need to take power back, we can’t for politicians to make positive change. The system is not set up for us. I see younger and younger, 10-and-11-year-old activists. We’ve seen it before, but we’re back. Hold on to each other, we are the majority, the government is the minority. Hold on, focus, it feels like you’re the only one but you’re not the only one… ever.”


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