One Village Music Project

by Good Sign on April 3, 2015

By Kevin Alan Lamb

“Music holds the possibility to empower all of us, from the musician to the audience and can be used as a mechanism to tear down the walls that separate us as we embrace our differences and strengthen our human connection to one another.

Abundant goodness flows through the veins of all living things. Deep within our genetic code resides a fervent longing to help others, and leave this world knowing we offered our time, energy, and care to ensure the betterment of a world community. In a time when we are too frequent to categorize, compartmentalize, and divide ourselves from our brothers and sisters, music is a phenomena that counteracts our programming and enables our emotions and soul to shine through our participating in song, dance, and one another’s love.

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We are one. We are in this together. We are better together. Unfortunately, each human becomes truly in tune with this truth at different stages of our lives. Music is my Moral Muse and the guiding light which allowed me to discover, realize, and share my gifts with the world. Lyrics upon my wrist, and back, that gave me the purpose and direction to weather each and every storm this universe has cast upon me to measure the man I am, and will one day be. Music fuels the tears in my eyes that connect me with the ones I love, no matter the great distances I travel, and the “Rivers and Roads” between us.

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One of my favorite humans, and musicians, Konrad Wert, “Possessed By Paul James” shared this Kickstarter and it is no accident that I amTye Dye Black Woman
writing about it at this very moment. I had the pleasure of interviewing Konrad after his show at the Hole In The Wall in Austin for SXSW. He will be the only musician featured in our first edition of Good Sign Magazine. Konrad is a special education Teacher of the Year in Texas who chose his field because he was taught to use his gifts to help others.

From the moment this Kickstarter video begins playing, I recognized a sparkle in Phoebe Hunt’s eyes that I’ve long seen in my own. She was given gifts for a reason. We are all given gifts for a reason. With out gifts we must empower others; encourage others; and connect others with good people, good organizations, and good causes for the GOOD of all mankind.

The One Village Music Project is a program of the Amala Foundation and was initiated by inspired volunteer and Austin artist, Phoebe Hunt. The project is an effort to bring the message of The Global Youth Peace Summit to life through music. The objective is to unite teen musicians from all over the world to inspire them to serve humanity as individuals and leaders. In the beginning, the ambition of this project was to bring these young musicians from all walks of life together to record one song. Since the inception, three week-long programs have been hosted to create two full-length albums. The first of these albums, “Precious Human Life,” made it into the esteemed hands of The Dalai Lama.

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The successful beginning of One Village Music Project can be attributed to the support and generosity of the Austin and Santa Rosa Music Communities. This support includes professional music studios, media centers, musicians and other artists that have donated their time and talents. However, according to Phoebe “This project can’t survive by relying on favors forever.” She has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to ensure a viable future for the One Village Music Project.

Phoebe has called upon other artists to help her with this campaign, and has received astounding support. Austin’s own Shakey Graves, The Band of Heathens, Marcia Ball, Shelly King, Carolyn Wonderland, Wood and Wire, Whiskey Shivers and Jazz Mills as well as Nashville based Della Mae have joined a long list of inspired artists willing to donate shows to this Kickstarter campaign as Hunt strives to meet her goal of hosting this musical program annually. The primary funding goal of this Kickstarter campaign is $50,000. There is also a stretch goal of $100,000 that will help her host this program for years to come. The team expects that by expanding the outreach of their annual musical releases, they will become selfsufficient by generating adequate funds.

This project will only be funded if at least $50,000 is pledged by April 21, 2015.

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Projects like this inspire me to work harder, love longer, and continue to encourage, and empower a world community, focused on being positive, and helping one another heal. Everyone want’s to be a part of a solution that doesn’t cost $29.99 a month. The One Village Music Project is changing the world by helping others look inside themselves to discover the place where we are all the same. I look forward to helping this effort in every way that I am able. The more I help people, the more I discover myself in the world around me: in the eyes of barefoot children in Thailand and Cambodia; in the smile of African children on surf boards in Lake Malwai; in the loving embrace of each and every one of you who is reading these words because you have made the choice to be consistent, positive, and help others to do the same.

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