A Good Sign is a fun and easy way to spread happiness.


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It makes people feel better. Just like a smiley face. Good Signs help you to support what you appreciate. Like a visual form of applause, and the  opposite of a protest sign. It’s a sign of celebration! We believe the quickest way to change the world is to help support, those who already are.

We are offering mankind a form of medication that doesn’t cost a dollar, damage the mind, body or spirit, and actually helps others medicate as well. We are giving people the ability to recognize that they possess the keys to the kingdom; that health and happiness are a personal responsibility and opportunity! Practice the Golden Rule and treat others as you’d want to be treat.

It is our belief that living inspired lives will begin a chain reaction where we plant seeds of goodness all around the world: seeds that will flower and grow into the kind, creative, and passionate acts of others. On faith, we are leading by example, or “being the change we wish to see in the world”, as Gandhi described. We choose to believe that although people are good – they can be better. By starting this process we have discovered a world filled with people that feel comfortable enough to reciprocate our kindness and action. Our biggest fear as humans is the very vulnerability that defines us. In a world severely lacking the colors of trust, individuals handicap their physical and emotional spectrum by constructing walls to protect them from their external environment.

A leader is not born, rather self-actualized. Similar to the way the most grand and luxurious house does not make a home, rather the people and love which fill it. It’s time for us as a species to change the channel; but when we do, we discover that the next station is just the same. So, we must blow up the TV! We must manifest the goodness and quality of life and care we seek in our lives with our own two hands, two feet, two eyes, head and heart. We must not look away and remain quiet when we observe the words and actions of others that oppress, offend, or walk upon another’s rightful participation in decency and freedom! We must stand up! Or sit down! Scream, yell or shout! We must ensure our voices are heard.

We must communicate to our neighbors, friends, family and complete strangers the people who we are and the character we will not surrender; the ethics we believe in and abide by; and our impatience for anything less than the virtue that fuels our hearts: the virtue that keeps us from crumbling when the weight of the world tries to break us down: and the virtue we will instill in our children and younger siblings that give us hope that the world could be better tomorrow than it is today.

– Kevin Alan Lamb, aka Good Sign Man