by Good Sign on January 11, 2013

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Might I make magic with these fingers
So not these words but the weight they carry lingers
Belief cannot be beaten into with lessons nor lashes
Love for one another can be prescribed, but no drug fools the dormant heart inside
Meaning cannot be infused, just the way soulless men will never sing the blues
We pretend that we walk in other men’s shoes, but addiction knows only those who use
We’re different, me and you, but in that we’re the same
Wandering on this path of ours, wondering why it is we are both aided and antagonized by the sight of stars
Fleeing from the scars in our flesh
Holding our breath for what’s to come next
Hoping for love, settling with a smile
Discovering Eden — taking it for granted after a while
It must not be answers we seek
Surely only experience weakens our knees
On the tip of a tongue or a shooting star
In creation, destruction, victory and defeat
Healing and living together as one
The darkness I often speak of travels in plain sight of the sun
We cannot hide our shame in holes of doubt, and run
Experience awaits, but to it you must come
Filter the filthy and free the shackled
Find comfort in deep breath when your cage has been rattled
Bones may break and shatter, but spirit endures if you fixate on what matters
Great heights await but you will need a ladder
Climb at a pace that can be kept, stumbling is human, burning out — inept
Remember who it is you are, on this mission
Mindful of days passed, but open to potential in each waking vision
Climb with courage and be weary of sirens
Surely your ascension will warrant mention and naysayers will ensure
But like the blue in the sky, your heart is true, and legend will be told of the man that flew
Be scared, but not consumed by fear
Happiness should not be an illusion, be mindful of it, keep it near
Despite your dreams be mindful of progress
You will falter and regress but that much you ought expect
In the grand landscape of your experience, these tribulations are but a spec
If you have been overtaken by fear and doubt this is a summons for you to resurrect
Be reborn into the light, and paint the sky with shining stars for those lost in the darkness nights




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