Rivers & Roads

by Good Sign on February 4, 2015

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By Kevin Alan Lamb

This song is for anyone and everyone who knows what it feels like to be great distances from the ones they love. This song is for the tears inspired in my eyes as I listen to it, knowing in some way, it delivers me closer to all those I’m blessed enough to call family. Any man or woman blessed with the internal recognition that love is abundant, will also know what it’s like to have a hurting inside because of the physical limitations of time, and space. Long ago I knew my choice to invest my love, in my life, would never seize taking me away from the ones I lived and loved for.

In the beginning, I recognized Good Signs as a delivery system for my words, to the world. Over the course of the last four years I have learned that it’s not simply a delivery system for my words, but the very energy that commands my every step, thought, and joy. It has delivered me to all of you and no words will ever express just how grateful I am, though it won’t stop me from trying. I was once just like you, intimated by the multitude of rivers and roads I could choose as my fate. With my faith wavering, I lived unfulfilled, lacking distinct purpose and passion, until I was delivered a Good Sign.

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I was given a revolutionary delivery method that satisfied my longing soul, and desire to change the world, by changing people. No matter the rivers and roads that separate me from the ones I love, the passion that drives me ensures me that I am not, and will never be alone. When your heavy heart aches most for those life has taken you away from, be sure to deposit that love in those you are lucky enough to live, work, and dream beside. Let the displaced love in your heart, be the courage you need to open your eyes and heart long enough, to let goodness in, and nurture The Head & the Heart. If this makes you think of your family, or a good friend, give them a call, write them an email, and share this song with them.

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