Rock By The Sea

by Sam Hofer on March 24, 2015


By Sam Hofer

In just 8 short years, they have raised more than $350,000 for charitable causes: That’s an amazing accomplishment if you ask me! But if you asked the people who have created and nursed the Rock By The Sea organization from a small local event to a music festival planning organization now sponsoring shows across more than 38 states, they would tell you it’s only the beginning.

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Now with more than eight years of deeply grounded roots in the alternative music scene, Rock By The Sea has become one of the top destinations for budding musical talent to showcase their skills in an intimate setting, with the added bonus of raising awareness (and a considerable amount of funds) for charities across the US. Rock By The Sea not only has a music event, they partner with many aspects of the live entertainment industry and raise money alongside them in an attempt to boost awareness across a wider spectrum of people.

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Since 2007, they have partnered with nine roadshows, four golf tournaments and eight music festivals to raise more than $350,000. With the help of some generous bands they have been able to create four medley-styled Christmas CD’s where all the proceeds go to charities. These organizations include the Franklin County Human Society, Lyrics for Life, Camp Sunshine and The Pediatric Brain Tumor Program among many others.

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What’s even better is that all Rock By The Sea events are completely volunteer run. They have no actual employees, so they have no payroll. Meaning that every cent of the proceeds go directly to helping people who need it most. These acts of sheer kindness are no doubt infectious as more people have signed up to help in the event than the previous year for every year they have been running. People are searching for something to be apart of, something good, and hopefully with this blog that we write here, it will be a lot easier to see the good that’s happening in all directions around us.

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