by Good Sign on June 16, 2014

By Kevin Alan Lamb

All roads to self-discovery are paired with the tendency to doubt each step you take along the way. Struggle and strife are the obstacles you must hurdle while pursuing your passion and desire to fulfill the place in your heart that requires the light and energy of others to provide you the sense of happiness and home that you seek in the world. There is no roadmap to rid you from the wrong turns you are certain to make on your journey, but life is about trying to find the significance in each step and turn you take, even when there is none.

The reassurance and affirmations you seek will be revealed externally in the eyes and smiles and hearts and love of the lives you are blessed enough to touch, and be moved by. As the captain you must steer your ship and ensure you are not swallowed by the sea, but the great ocean is a beast that cannot be tamed and predicted. Remain flexible and focus your attention on the lessons you have learned and hold true to your intuition and imagination; they will you keep you both alive and filled with life.


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