Sherwood Forest, An Ode to the ElectricForest

by Good Sign on July 11, 2013

By 6'7 Kevin

By 6’7 Kevin


The Electric Forest is no longer soon before us

But it is with us

As it’s spirit, beauty and enchantment did kiss us

On our lips, in our hearts, and in our hope-filled eyes

Blessed our souls with a reminder of why it is we are given life

Ignited the blood in our veins that keeps us up nights

The tall pine trees, from which we hang as worry flees

The music we love, with the people we love, and those we can never call strangers again

Bodies covered in artwork in the place of clothes

Faces lit with smiles in the place of doubt and woes

Hearts fervant with joy as we sing, dance, frolic and play the day away

A soul at play knows no dismay, fear, or lingering disbelief

Shed the weight of the world from which you carry upon your back

Decide what to be and never look back!

Live the life you love and you will always be on track

Set your eyes upon the sunrise in the horizon

Free yourself, take a leap of faith and dive in!

Pursue your passion and in it keep the spirit you experienced in the Sherwood Forest alive in

Kind eyes and warms hearts carry the Forest with them Good Signing

Below our feet is a world filled with love, grab a tool and let’s get mining

The sky is blue for you and it is for all of us that the sun is shining

When it comes to making the world a happier and more friendly place, I assure you it is about consistency, not timing.


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