Sir Elton John betters the world

by Sam Hofer on February 20, 2015

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By Sam Hofer

Sir Elton John came from humble beginnings. He is known for many musical accomplishments including selling over 250 million records world-wide, and composing the score for the Broadway musical “Billy Elliot”, which went on to win an astounding 10 Tony Awards. Needless to say, Elton John’s natural blend of both pop and rock genres has made us feel a flurry of emotions from complete bliss to utter sadness, and everything in between. For me, every line written and every melody sung, gives me a sense of nostalgia for a time that was far before mine. John’s musical pioneering has paved the way for many artists,  past, present and future.

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Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, in Pinner Middlesex, England in 1947. Elton John showed huge promise at a young age in the musical realm. After attending the Royal Academy of Music in England, he was primed to begin a long career in the industry. After releasing his first self-titled American album, Elton John became outrageously famous on the international scale. Ever since then, he has channeled his energies not only into his music, but also into his charitable work around the world.

Sir Elton John noticed that his enormous influence in society could be used to bring about change. As a result, he started the Elton John AIDS Foundation in 1992 and has since then raised over $125 million dollars to over 55 countries to not only help support people living with the disease, but to also offer education in prevention and programs to help eliminate prejudice and discrimination around the world.

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In 2004, Elton John donated over $43 million dollars of his personal wealth to over 50 charities worldwide supporting 33 different causes. Since then, he has consistently been the top annual donor of charitable donations in the celebrity realm.

Elton John has also been known a creative giver; not just in monetary donations. In 2008, he donated 120 motorcycles to the African nation of Lesotho for doctors and nurses to be able to travel long distances into rural areas to see patients that they might otherwise had been unable to see.

Sir Elton Hercules John is an amazing example of a human being with a lot to give, and the willingness to give it. Sir Elton John actively utilizes his platform to shape our better world, and this is a Good Sign.

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