Stars & Stripes Design by Good Sign

by Good Sign on February 14, 2015

By Kevin Alan Lamb

It is time the United States pave the way to our better world. It is time for all of mankind come together and unite under a common sign of hope, love, and commitment. Down to a cellular level, we are so similar yet seem intent on focusing on our inconsequential differences. Let the world waive a flag of equality, decency, and willingness to serve, love, and protect one another’s happiness.

Every Design by Good Sign is Made In America, where we must lead by example for the betterment of all mankind. Authentic leaders are not chosen; they choose themselves by choosing others, every day of their lives. When times are tough and faith fleeting, the righteous will ensure goodness prevails.

We look forward to producing a design for each and every beautiful nation on this planet. Just in case we haven’t told you lately, we love you. No matter the miles, mountains, and stars we travel, climb, and ascend to, it will be your love that gives us the courage to endure and flourish despite the weight along the way. When we succeed, you succeed, because we are in this together. Let go of those who only wish to hold you down, so they are more comfortable with their accepted inadequacy.

Purchase this Design by Good Sign for $20.00 and Be The Good.

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