Step One: Love Yourself First

by Good Sign on July 22, 2015


By Ashlee Czapla

In the middle of an enchanted forest, I figured out all of my problems. In between the lavender, lime green and aqua lights of Electric Forest, I freed myself from all of my daunting insecurities and am now ready to face any challenge that life throws at me with a chin held high and a smile from ear to ear.

But how?

Love yourself first.

My dad always told me that there are very few “needs” and that most things are just “wants.” Except for love. All anyone needs is love. And a little bit of love can go a long, long way. A little bit of love from everyone can change the world, and it’s already happening, and the world wants you to be a part of it.

I have spent far too much of my life hating myself and hating external factors that I thought were holding me back. Well, I’ve seen the light. There’s no reason or room for hate in this world. I don’t hate anything now. And the most important thing is that I now love myself.

The only thing that is certain is this moment. Right now. And there is no time like the present to unlock all of your potential and free yourself from negativity. But where to start?

I repeat: love yourself first.

I finally learned to love myself at Electric Forest this year. I know I’m a good person and I’ve been telling myself for years that I love myself, but I never felt it. Not until this past June. Maybe it was because of the generosity of strangers, the encouragement from friends and the support from my loved ones. But it finally happened. I finally felt it. I could finally say: “I love me” and mean it. And once that happened it was as if a ten-ton-weight had been released from my shoulders and I was finally free. It was both enlightening and liberating. I don’t think I will ever be the same, and that is perfectly fine by me.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes it takes years; it took me 21 years to get it down. But there’s no better time to start appreciating your self worth, acknowledging your talents and utilizing your strengths than right now. Once you begin to see what an amazing and valuable human being you are, you will begin to love yourself a little bit more, day by day, and a little bit of positivity really ads up. Love makes all the difference, and it has to come from you.

Then what? Well, step two is entirely up to you. Once you learn to let go of your self-inflicted barriers, the world will open up to you. The only person standing in your way is truly yourself and as soon as you accept that and learn to love yourself, the possibilities are endless.

After you learn to love yourself and rid yourself of self-doubt, you can accomplish anything that you put your powerful little heart to. Hard work and determination and believing in yourself is a powerful combination and a force to be reckoned with. It’s all about perspective, really. Your outlook determines your outcomes. Start looking at the world and yourself through a positive and loving perspective and begin to notice a change from within. You deserve it and owe it to yourself and I believe in you.

You’ve got this.

We’ve got this.

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